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  • Optical fiber preform equipment

    Innovative equipment technology for the mass production of optical fiber preform
    Top-level technology, Leader of the materials industry for information and communications technology

    • CORE
    • CLAD
    • ETC
  • Environment

    Eco-friendly business, animal welfare business, resource development business, anti-virus business
    Eco- friendly animal carcass disposal process

    • Eco-friendly
    • Animal welfare
    • Resource
    • Disaster
  • Electric furnace

    Global top-level thermal treatment technology
    Research and Development of heating system for new materials based on thermal process technology

    • Semiconductor
    • Ceramic
    • Metal
    • R&D
  • Electric kiln

    The convergence of high-tech thermal technology and tradition
    The world’s first! Easy and convenient electric kiln using solid reductant

    • AK
    • DK
    • GK
    • SK