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Creative and top level heat technology!

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STI, Technology Company for Customer Satisfaction

STI, Technology Company for Customer Satisfaction

STI is growing into a “company for customer satisfaction” with advanced thermal technology.

In the process of manufacturing new materials such as optical fiber preform, semiconductors, ceramics, and metals supporting modern advanced information society, Heat technology is an indispensable foundation technology and STI is constantly developing new material heating devices based on "creative top level thermal technology."

Company outline

Company STI CO., LTD. CEO Taeil Seo
Est. date Jul. 24, 2007 (Initial est. Feb. 1989) Business no 514-81-62275
Address Head Office. 39, Secheon-ro 7-gil, Dasa-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu (42921) Gumi Factory. 104-75, Sanhodae-ro, Gumi-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do (39377)
Tel +82-53-716-1851 Fax +82-53-716-1854
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Products Optical fiber preform manufacturing equipment, Alkaline hydrolysis system. Electric furnace, Electri kiln Type (line) Manufacturer (Optical fiber preform manufacturing equipment, etc.)

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    The CI of STI CO., LTD. is an intensely symbolic image of the company's image and is the most important basic element that is the core of identity expression. STI CO., LTD. The symbol means the sun, and the sun that illuminates the earth is the symbol of STI CO., LTD. It means vision. In other words, it means the best heat equipment.


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    Signature is the most reasonable and systematic combination of the word mark and logotype which is the basic element of STI CO., LTD. and it is the most effective means to recognize STI CO., LTD. image both inside and outside.
    When signatures are used, they must be used as stipulated in the right figure.