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  • Since its inception in 1989, STI has been developing thermal processing equipment that uses electricity as energy, and currently we are focusing on the optical fiber preform equipment business, which has the technology of Global No.1. We are also leading the environmental business of reducing pollutant emissions by processing animal carcasses through alkali hydrolysis, the electric furnace business of manufacturing the devices for semiconductor and the electric kiln business.

    We sincerely appreciate our customers who have been able to grow our company, and we will continue to become a world-class company specializing in thermal technology.

    We have recently been recognized as a global specialist by winning the World Class 300 Company and will become an enterprise that will enhance customer value and customer impression by securing the best competitiveness through more aggressive challenges and innovation.

    In addition, we will be a company that takes the lead in establishing a culture that fulfills corporate social responsibilities and grows together.

    Thank you.

    STI CO., LTD. CEO STI CO., LTD. CEO Taeil Seo sign