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STI Successfully developed mass-production of 6-inch SiC ingot equipment, 2021

admin 2022-03-02

[Korea’s first 8-inch equipment is under development]

STI Successfully developed mass-production of 6-inch SiC ingot equipment, 2021

STI Co., Ltd is a company specializing in optical fiber preform manufacturing equipment and succeeded in developing 6-inch SiC ingot equipment

for mass production in two years based on 30 years of experience in equipment design and simulation technology, high temperature & high pressure control technology.


Through this opportunity, STI took one step closer to the localization of SiC wafers, which had been entirely imported so far,

it laid the foundation for entering the global SiC market. It is expected that Korea will have a competitive advantage in the power semiconductor market.


The newly developed grower is a device that grows SiC ingots based on the Physical Vapor Transport (PVT) method. In particular,

it is meant that it succeeded in localizing all necessary process parts from seeding devices to growth processes.

STI realized the importance of SiC materials in the development process of ingot growth.

STI is also challenging to develop SiC powder synthesis using high-purity silicon dioxide (SiO2), a by-product generated when manufacturing calcium fluoride (CaF2) optical material manufacturing equipment for semiconductor defects.

Currently, focusing on developing technologies to cope with markets for small amounts of multivarious power semiconductors.


STI aims to secure a level of technology that is capable of producing SiC wafers by developing Korea's first 8-inch ingot grower as soon as possible.