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SEO TAEIL, CEO of STI. "Making a leap forward of a semiconductor equipment".

admin 2022-03-11

SEO TAEIL, CEO of STI. "The first year of a semiconductor department"

2022-03-08 09:58

STI is confident that it is a suitable company to foster semiconductor materials, parts, and equipment (ministerial managers) in Korea.

Rarely, as a domestic equipment company, a major in chemical and material engineering works as a researcher

and sees new growth potential in semiconductor materials and parts.

Starting from this year's semiconductor material (ingot) growth equipment sector, we will be reborn as a comprehensive semiconductor small business manager."

Seo Tae-il, CEO of STI, stressed that this year will be the first year to grow into a comprehensive semiconductor small business.

In particular, it is predicted that the high-tech system semiconductor sector will be a strong growth engine.

STI is developing equipment for manufacturing 6-inch silicon carbide (SiC) wafer materials (ingot) last year and is in full swing.

It is also part of the preparation to make chemical weather transmission (PVT) equipment that grows ingot core material powder

into ingot material and strengthens it with 8-inch SiC ingot PVT equipment.

STI also puts spurs to develop  8-inch ingot manufacturing technology.

Although there are no cases of domestic mass production supply centered on the 6-inch market,

domestic and foreign semiconductor companies are also expected to strengthen their 8-inch investment, so they plan to enter the market in the future.

STI is busy developing semiconductor equipment technology and manufacturing equipment, but is expanding its entry into the material parts field.

STI has 50 R&D employees in the semiconductor material sector. It also operates a semiconductor material development research facility established with an investment of 15 billion won.

It invested 10 billion won every year to develop high purity (5N) ingot powder based on ingot growth equipment.

Only a few overseas companies such as Denso, Pacific, Sumitomo Chemical, and Showa Denko in Japan can make high-purity ingot powders.

CEO Seo said, "The goal is to increase the completeness of localization in the SiC ingot powder market dominated by Japan," adding,

"We succeeded in developing 5N-class ingot powder (99.9998%), but we will increase product completeness and make business plans when production technology is available."



Reporter Jiwoong Kim