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STI CO. Ltd,. donated 30 million won to help neighbors

admin 2022-03-08

[STI CO. Ltd,. donated 30 million won to help neighbors]


STI CO. Ltd,. located in the 5th Seongseo High-tech Industrial Complex in Dalseong-gun, Daegu,

they delivered 30 million won as a donation to help neighbors in need to social welfare facilities in 2019.

Institutions where donations or daily necessities were delivered include Samsungwon, a social welfare center,

a merciful-sharing briquette bank run by the Geumo Social Welfare Center, Dalseong-gun Disabled Association,

building a house of love, elderly living alone and famine children.

Seo Tae-il, CEO of STI, said, "We will become a company that contributes to creating a good community to live in.

Meanwhile, STI is a promising small and medium-sized company selected for Daegu Star Company 100

and World Class 300 as a company specializing in heat treatment equipment manufacturing.


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