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Daegu STI CO Ltd., entered the global market for personal disinfection devices

admin 2022-03-02

[Daegu STI CO Ltd., entered the global market for personal disinfection devices]

- Exposure to heatwave at 80 degrees for 30 seconds to kill the virus

- It feels like a dry sauna… No worries about chemicals with easy maintenance

- Exports continued to France, UAE and Indonesia

COVID-19 quarantine equipment developed by STI, a fiber optic material manufacturer in Daegu,

creates a sensation in the global market. It is a product that increases quarantine efficiency, reliability, and convenience by blowing heat waves at 80°C for 30 seconds.

The company started using it for quarantine purposes, and it received an enthusiastic response than expected, leading to sales.

The company modified the personal sterilizer previously developed with African swine fever (ASF) quarantine equipment to suit the characteristics of COVID-19.

There is no risk of harm because chemicals are not used, and there is little demand for maintenance, such as periodic replacement of disinfectants and UV lamps.


Since the introduction of the equipment, about 45 domestic livestock farms,

29 government agencies and hospitals such as the Livestock Research Institute of Korea deployed the equipment.

Orders continue from medical institutions such as Korea University - Guro Hospital and companies such as Daeju Machinery.

Expectations for targeting the global market have also been rising since September, 2020.

Some units have been exported to French nursing homes and military hospitals,

and others are also being used at the Java Palace Hotel in Indonesia and UAE's Dubai National Medical Center, about 100 units are in operation globally.


CEO Seo said, "We will continue research and development of quarantine equipment that is closer to perfection."